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  1. Believe in the goodness of humanity
  2. Our Top 10 Reasons for Giving Back
  3. Believe in the goodness of humanity
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A few days ago, my friend in Britain posted something similar with regard to his wallet. Then I think about what I would do if I had found any of those, and I know I would have done the same.

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We would understand the difference between vitriol and ignorant, and be more open to learning by listening to different points of views. We might then appreciate that not everyone has the time, energy or intent to get us, no matter what games our mind play on us.

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Believe in the goodness of humanity

Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia. Believe in the goodness of humanity. The world would be a better place if we truly embrace diversity. Subscribe Log In.

Our Top 10 Reasons for Giving Back

Across The Star Online. This is a blatant attempt to portray themselves as a brand that is focused on reducing and reusing waste, however, these gestures mean nothing because the manufacturing processes across the fashion industry are responsible for unprecedented amounts of wastage and pollution. There is a common trend of exaggerating the environmental targets set by fashion brands simply to mislead consumers to believe that they are making a huge impact on the ecosystem and society. Majority of the fashion brands outsource their production and manufacturing units to countries that have horribly low standards for minimum and living wages, and do not pester firms about their working conditions.

Bangladesh, India and South African amongst many other countries, provide mass-producing fashion brands a great opportunity to boost their revenues with the luxury of underpaid workers, and low working conditions.

Believe in the goodness of humanity

Keep in mind that regulating working conditions can be very difficult, and branding techniques and marketing campaigns always whitewash and decorate this aspect to conceal as much as they can about the brands labor standards. This will seem like such a small part of the supply chain, but that is the point and it is also the most telling.

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  4. Our Top 10 Reasons for Giving Back.
  5. How does a brand get to you? Have you asked? A truly green brand would have thought about that. And have a green initiative in place. Like us. Because we sweat the small stuff.

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    And the small stuff adds up. The small stuff is the centre and it matters. It is the foundations that you are built on. Not the story you choose to tell. Ask about delivery.

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