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When Fedor is taking his grapes to market one day he is passed by a man on his way to the miraculous city of Kurachek. Fedor becomes obsessed with going to Kurachek but in preparing to go, he discovers that there is no place like home. Musical introduction by Caleb Summeril Grades: 5 Stars.

All the Cats in the World. Old Mikila fed the wild cats at the base of the light house, all the while ignoring the teasing of the light house keeper. But when she fell sick, it was the very same keeper who fed her beloved cats thus starting a friendship that brought warmth to their aged lives. Musical introduction by Caleb Summeril Grades: 2, 3, 4, 5 5 Stars. The Fisherman and the Bird. Rico has lived and fished alone since being jilted in his youth. But one day, Rico discovers that a pair of beautiful birds have built a nest at the top of his mast. He is ready to destroy the nest so that he can sail, but the local school teacher convinces Rico of the rarity of the birds and the importance of letting them nest.

Begrudgingly, Rico lets the birds nest and is meanwhile transformed by their beauty and the friendship of the villagers. Appears in: Levitin, Sonia. Boom Town. Amanda and her family have come to California to join her father in the mining camp but they find nothing but a few broken down log cabins. Soon Amanda is baking pies that her Pa sells to the miners and she is suggesting to traveling peddlers and wandering artisans they they settle down and open shops. Soon enough their cabin is smack dab in the middle of a Boom Town.

Nobody Stole the Pie. The town of Little Digby had at its heart a beautiful lollyberry tree and each fall the town bakers would pick the berries and make an immense pie for the whole village to share. But overnight, as it was cooling in preparation for the next day's celebration, birds, animals and people would take just a crumb, or a single berry thinking their bite was too insignificant to matter. However, come morning, when the wise mayor went to distribute the pie it was all but gone.

Who stole the pie?

Tales of the City author: 'Gay actors for gay roles' - BBC News

Grades: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 5 Stars. The King's River Party. Henry, a wonderful flute player and Alexis, a beautiful dancer are twins. But they're poor and work for pennies a day for the royal baker. When the king announces a river party, they each secretly accept usury terms from the baker to send their sibling to the party. But when the king discovers their talent, he frees them of their bond to the baker and the baker gets his comeuppance. Note: Sonia Levitin initially wrote this as a multi-media play for childrens theatre. For more information and licensing rights, please contact the author, sonialevitin gmail.

Who Owns the Moon? Farmers Abel, Nagel and Zeke could argue about anything, and did.

Multicultural Cinderella Stories

But when they started to argue about which of them owned the moon, their wives said enough was enough and demanded they go into town and talk to the Teacher who settled their argument in a very clever fashion. Appears in: Levetin, Sonia. A Single Speckled Egg.

Farmers Abel, Nagel and Zeke loved to worry, always threatening that they would have to sell their farms. Weary of their husband's complaints, the wives went to the village Teacher, the wisest man in the village, to find a solution. While his solution wasn't at all what they expected, it worked like a charm. Banat er Rih: Daughter of the Wind.

Sahloul, Sheik Najjar's youngest son, hoped the mare he helped raise would win the honor of Banat er Rih, Daughter of the Wind. But even if she won, he stood little chance of being named her master. That honor was likely to go to one of his older brothers. Luckily his father had seen his love for the mare and both of his dreams came true. Rattlesnake Rain.

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Based on true reports of Pueblo Snake Clans around the turn of the 19th century, this is a wonderful story about young Amulon who has been called by his father to join in his first Snake Run. Snakes were gathered yearly for a grand celebration then released to take the message of rain back to the underworld of the Rain Gods.

cz.uperequz.tk The Mummy Tent. Young Imarus, son of Nebhotep the Chief Embalmer, works long, hot days in the mummy tent carrying linens and learning the art of embalming. But when a young girl is injured by a horse, Imarus uses his knowledge of the human body to cleanse and bandage her wound. His young patient turns out to be the daughter of Fahlwa, priest of the inner court of the temple. Imarus is rewarded with an invitation from the Pharaoh himself to enter the palace temple and study with the court physicians as a healer. The Sounding of the Call.

The only thing that keeps Buck from heeding the call and joining a wolf pack in the frozen north, is his love for one man, John Thornton.

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  • Grades: 4, 5 3 Stars. Clara's "Foolish Pursuit". A nicely written short biography of Clara Foltz, the women who in brought the Woman Lawyer's Bill before the California legislature and went on to become the first woman attorney on the west coast. Don't Sell the Farm. Felix Delage is saddened to see all the farms around his being sold for development and is about to give in to the inevitable when his grandchildren ask to have it saved for them. Appears in: Kingston, E. The Clever Thief.

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    • When a young boy is captured by robbers and forced to do their bidding, he foils their attempts to steal by taking their instructions literally. Cry Wolf. Randall is fascinated by wolves and never tires of telling people that his name means "wolf's shield.

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      Appears in: Matthews, Penny. The Old Woman and the Imp. In a variation on the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, an old woman lands a job as a cook in the local inn.

      After Ever After - DISNEY Parody

      Unfortunately, while she is an expert spinner, she doesn't know the first thing about cooking. With the help of an imp who offers his services, she will appear to be a master cook for one year, but at the end of the year she must offer up at least one riddle that the imp can't answer, lest she become his slave forever.

      The Magic Carpet. In the spirit of the Arabian Nights, a young boy, Hamid, is bound as a servent to a couple he believes to be his Aunt and Uncle, until one day a beautiful but ghostly figure hands him an old carpet. Both the woman and the carpet seem remotely familiar and indeed they lead to being reunited with his father, the king while the abusive couple get their comeuppance. Sky-Blue Boots. Young Caitlin loves to dance but has danced her shoes down to nothing. Though she and her mother are poor, her mother sends her to town with enough money for a modest pair of new shoes.